Building a loft conversion is and expensive and difficult task but can add serious value to your  home with a increase in floor space of up to 1/3 its easy to see how the average value of a home of £167000 with a loft conversion possibly adding another third it also make finical sense to invest in the extra space.

With the average loft conversion we carry out in the region of £33000 some of our customers have had their homes revalued after we have carried out the conversion and were pleasantly surprised  with the increase in value well above the price of the building work.

We use easy price pro to estimate the costs of your lost conversion so we can provide a full breakdown of all the costs incurred including labour and materials division which other companies may not provide and a full schedule.

Be sure to contact us for a full no obligation quote.

We often get asked about how much value a loft conversion will add to the value of the property and will the extra value  cover the cost of the build my answer to this is don’t do a loft conversion to make money do it because you want to improve your home.

Although a loft conversion completed to a high standard can increase the value of your home considerably depending on the area you live in and the type of home that can be converted.Have a look at similar three story homes on the market and consider what your home would be worth or ask a estate agent to value your home and then ask them what they might think it could be worth with an extension.

We have improved a number of homes and the increase in value of some of the loft conversions we have completed where they have spent £35000 the property has of the increased by £55000.

There is no definitive answer but usually carrying out this type of work to improve your home is normally a sound investment in your home.

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