Loft conversion methods

Loft conversion specialists in Ipswich Suffolk

Complte Loft conversions are  specialists in Ipswich Suffolk area but we have also lately been taking on contract carpentry projects in the Ipswich area, along with our existing loft conversion projects we have also been adding some content to our website to make things clearer fro our customers including our pricing tables  and our guide on the process of carrying out your loft conversion which can be found here.

Our customers have asked us to carry on providing information about how different loft conversions are carried out and the different types of loft conversions that can be achieved in a type of roof space or particular building as the type of house you have affects what is possible within that area.

In the future we will dedicate a page to the types of loft conversions we carry out and what is most suited to the particular roof construction for each building which is most important as this often affects the costs of loft conversions.

Check back in a couple of weeks and something should be up concerning the types of loft conversions according to building types.



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