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As we are Loft conversion specialists Ipswich we like to post information about what we do to engage with our customers and clients about the process and regulations that can help clients decide what type of loft conversion they need and how to achieve it.

We tend to tell customers that now that we have engineered timber joists these can often do away with steel beams wich are heavy and expensive to install often needing road closures and cranes to lift them into position this in my opinion is the “old way” and engineered joists like the I joist system have many benefits over steels.

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These types of joist can span up to eight meters which is  more than adequate for most loft conversion although they do cost they simplify making rooms in your existing roof, another way to save on space is to use space blanket a thermal quilt which provide the equivalent of 400mm if insulation this mean that your u values will be excellent and you will save space and energy.

We recommend using the latest building techniques because they save time and money for our clients and they are easier to install so the project is completed quicker.

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