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Loft conversion methods

There is more than one way to carry out a loft conversion the most obvious way is to remove the roof and use attic trusses this means that you will not need structural calculations from a structural engineer as these will be provided by the truss manufacturer  this can work well and is a roof of roof on situation and achieves the extra space needed.

We also use I beams to carry out loft conversions which allows the roof to stay institute which can save money removing tiles and replacing fascias sofits and making good these beams can potentially be installed within a day with the flanges and other items installed the following day without the need for a permanent scaffold which in some situations can be beneficial.

Some loft conversions need some steels because of the spans that need to be achieved we sometimes flitch beams timber with steel inside are needed to increase the span of lower pitched roofs to allow for snow loads and  heavier loads.

Glulam beams can also be used to span greater widths its also worth mentioning that I beams can span up to eight meters without defection, gluelams with steel flanges can also be used to achieve spans of up to thirteen meters.

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