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Another loft conversion

11 November 2015 - Carpentry Ipswich, Loft conversion methods, Loft conversions in Suffolk - admin - Comments Off on Another loft conversion

Havent posted for a while but thought I would post up a couple of pictures of recent loft conversions the pictures below are of the I joists being installed I joists are a structural beam which negate the need for steels and can be installed by removing the first four rows of tiles and then being slid in to sit on the existing plate, also not the JES (joist end support) to give the joist riggidity when cut to fit in the eaves.



We can also see the gluelams before installation, gluelams are a structurally graded beam which come in standard and custom sizes the beauty of gluelams is they do the same job as a steel but are lighter stronger and easier to install and fix to and can also be cut on site to requirements.

glulams before install

glulams before install

With beams of this size and nature there is an issue with getting them up to the second floor so we usually hire in a crane and a banks man to help our team with the lifting as we can see below.



As we can see the creation of a new floor above the existing building has begun  once the beams are in place the next of the work can continue the creation of the stair well with gluelams and hangers connecting the old and existing joists to support them around the stair well and the creation of the ashler walls and the ceiling ties to support the new structure before the old fink trusses can be removed as shown below.





after trusses removed

After trusses removed

So the existing structure is removed the weight is transferred onto the ashler walls which are the small walls in the corner which then transfers the weight onto the new I joists and the gluelams onto the wall plate of the existing building so what next we need light.

dormer under construction

Dormer under construction

As we can see we now need to create natural light by adding dormers by supporting the trusses either side with extra timbers for strength and remove the existing tiles battens and felt carefully before building the pitched roof dormer in this case there will be three so more to come when they are buit ok.


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